The AMBER BAND was established in 2011 and is based in Colorado. The group is actually a duo of two musicians: Jerzy (Jurek) Kaminski on lead vocals, harp, and bass guitar and Romas Zableckas, also known as Colorado Romas, on vocals, keyboard, and guitar. Because Jurek was born in Poland and Romas in Lithuania, they named themselves the AMBER BAND after searching for something that their cultures had in common, besides a rich history. Having both grown up on the shores of the Baltic Sea, where amber is considered a cultural treasure, Jurek and Romas felt there was no better way to pay tribute to their homelands.

Despite its small size, the AMBER BAND sounds like a full band with the help of specialized equipment and boasts a multilingual repertoire that includes songs in Polish, English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, and French. The group's primary focus is performing for Polish crowds. The AMBER BAND plays music for many types of occasions, including weddings, anniversaries, and birthday parties. We hope to see you at a show very soon!


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